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Provide Products and service and content of high level technical in systems protection for occupants of automobile.



Occuped featured position of marketing and manufacture of seat belts and child restraint devices, and recognized as once of the best in quality, timeliness, flexibility and technical development services customer.



Vision of the future

 Leadership and consistency of purpose

 Customer focus and the supply chain

 Involvement and valuation of persons

 Social and environmental responsability and ethics

 Focus on results and decision based on facts

 Vision and systemic approach to process

 Continuos improvement and learning

 Innovation and agility

The DIALP was founded in São Paulo in the year 1996 segment acting in automotive safety, manufacturing and marketing seat belts and child restraint device, always in compliance with national (NBR 7337 and NBR 14400) and international (ECE R16 .) currently we era located in the city of Mauá-SP, where we have own plant structure in a totally vertical. The DIALP offers to your client, the warranty of a product entire liability and protection.

Founded in sao paulo 1996, operates in the automotive safety, manufacturing marketing seatbelts and restraints child in accordance with national standards. NBR 7337 e NBR 14400 and International ECE R16. Has own plant located in the Mauá city with certificacion ISSO 9001 – 2008, totally vertical. Has an organizational complete  structure with Engineering, laboratories for testing metallographic and textile and tooling for develop and cumply with levels of total quality.


showAUTOMEC - International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts, Equipment and Services. 2013


showCheck out the tests in Italy, which attest to the quality of our products.


showThe Dialp collaborates with the social projects of Amigos do Bem.


R. Aulivieri Bozzato, 1836 - Mauá/SP
Zip Code: 09372-010
Phone: 55 (11) 4543-5080